A L K A L I N E   W A T E R
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What is the benefit of I am Superwater vs regular water?

Better hydration. Alkaline water has ultra-hydrating attributes as compared to normal water. The water molecules in alkaline water are smaller and easier to absorb by your body. This helps your body to re-hydrate quickly.

What is alkaline?

The “alkaline” in alkaline water refers to the corresponding pH level. Alkalinity is a measurement of the ability to absorb acid. The less acidic a liquid is, the more alkaline it is.

What is PH level?

PH stands for potential hydrogen, referring to how much hydrogen is mixed with the water. PH is a logarithmic scale used to specify the acidity of an aqueous solution.

Does I am Superwater add any artificial substances?

No. Most of the high pH waters are artificially assembled, where they add minerals or use electrolysis. On the contrary, Iam Superwater does not use any artificial process to produce the alkaline water. Als, we do not use any unnatural additives to help increased pH.

What are the other substances, listed on the Nutrition Facts?

Sodium, Bicarbonates, Calcium, Potassium, Nitrates. 

How much should I drink?

Iam Superwater can be consumed in place of your suggested amount of drinking water, or half your body weight in ounces of water per day.

Is it safe for everyone to drink? Even when you are young, old, pregnant etc.?

Always consult your doctor or other medical physician if you have any questions. Iam Superwater is safe to consume instead of regular water consumption in your recommended diet.