What is pH?

In the world of chemicals, pH stands for potential hydrogen, referring to how much hydrogen is mixed with the water.

PH is a logarithmic scale used to specify the acidity of an aqueous solution. The pH scale can tell if a liquid is more acid or more alkaline, just as the Fahrenheit or Celsius scale is used to measure temperature.

What is alkaline?

Alkaline waters have a pH of 7.0 or higher because the concentration of hydrogen ions is higher than normal mineral waters.

The high pH is beneficial for human health like our immune system and liver. It detoxes the body because the pH of the water is higher than our body.

A healthy body has a natural pH of 7.2 but our diet is very acidic because it contains a lot of dairy, sugars and red meat. To compensate this the liver needs to work really hard to maintain the pH balance.

But when you drink alkaline water the pH level of the body rises to a normal level without exhausting the liver.

pH 9,4 Alkaline Water - Hoge pH waarde (9 plus) basisch bronwater - I am Superwater - trees
pH 9,4 Alkaline Water - Hoge pH waarde (9 plus) basisch bronwater - I am Superwater - 0.5 bottle man

Artificial vs. Natural

There is a difference between natural and artificial alkaline water. Artificial waters undergo a mechanical ionization to add electrolytes and minerals.

The commonly used machines generate a very acidic waste which is bad for nature. Natural sourced alkaline water has a high pH because it passes through rocks and soil and takes out various minerals like calcium and potassium.

The high pH is picked up by the natural minerals which make the alkaline without adding anything. From the cloud to your bottle, it is that simple.


Hoge pH waarde (9 plus) basisch bronwater - I am Superwater - mountain river
pH 9,4 Alkaline Water - Hoge pH waarde (9 plus) basisch bronwater - I am Superwater - 500ml mountain


1. Alkaline water is known for its ultra-hydrating properties without any calories, sugar or artificial additives.

Compared to normal water, Alkaline water have smaller molecules which help to absorbed better by your cells. So, for people who work out or do heavy work the body rehydrates quicker.

2. Because of the high pH and the various amounts of minerals the body will detox, which instantly boost the immune system.

A poor diet, stress and environmental toxins will acidify the body, by drinking a lot of high pH water the body will neutralize again. It also flushes all the toxins out, so your body can perform better.

3. Our water is high quality water and gives you a whole new level of the taste of water.

I am Superwater has a soft mouthfeel and tastes slightly sweet. You will taste the freshness of the water, right from the source in East-Europe.